Friday, December 26, 2008

A Revival of the Fittest!

Its nice to have blog/diary. It brings back lost/misplaced memories, and it makes u think. Good ones and bad. I shall try to blog more often.

Things i shall blog about:
1) sisters engagement
2) 3 years - of school
3) 3 years of you
4) new additions to the family
5) politics within the family
6) laptop warranty
7) freaking harddrive!!
8) friends
9) freedom (personal space?)
10) appendix(or the lack of ;)
11) sji - ncc/10yrs
12) pri school
13) weddings
14) emotions/complications of the heart

Thats all i can think of for now, given the lack of sleep and the fatigue. i'm writing all this down so i dun forget. so... DUN FORGET. I'm sure there's more to talk about.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

AWOL - Absent WITH Official Legitimate-reasons!!!!

Its been months since my last entry. I dont know why but i've lost the urge to write. No time? Perhaps. There's just so much happening and nothing happening all at once.

Work at Shell has been exhausting, considering the fact that i have to wake up at 530am, perpetually be on my feet for 8 hours straight, and serve assholes who deserve to be slapped. Well yea there are the nice ones as well. But like all goodness they are limited. Im gonna miss working (studying) there. Nice music, nice colleagues(well there is this one guy, but...), nice view and decent(not good) pay(little $ is still $). It gave me a purpose to start my day early. I actually read the papers for a good 3 months daily... front to back! Something i never used to do.

At one point of time i was working at 2 places, after Shell i went to XL for data entry. Spent so much on sweets then. Its always nice to work there. Very nice working environment. BUT i aint involved in the politics in the workplace.

School started. First assignments are in and marks out (97% and 100%!!!!). Can't ask for more now can i. Its good motivation to work hard.hopefully i can maintain this to fullfill my dream of geekifying myself!!!(right...) But yea, exams are in like less than 2 months away. Applied for Nus and NTU as well see how that goes. Frankly i have no/little hope of getting in. I'm quite happy with what i'm doing. !st class in sights still. But if i do get in, I wouldn't mind. But i still wanna do the course in SIM.

Been going to SJI for trainings. Tryin to get my fitness back to pass IPPT. *sigh*

And I got a new LAPTOP!!!!! wassup with that yea!! woo hooo!!! Thanks to my sister who half-heartedly payed for it(first)! Its an ACER Aspire5672WLMi. Check it...

Well til next time.

I have no inspiration to think of quotes so, entry no 31 no quote!

Cheers ya'll!


Sometimes i wonder,
Are friends really friends?
How do u know if friends are really friends?
How do we know they're not?
Sometimes i wonder.

Is it the constant meetings?
Is it the countless hours over the phones?
Is it the crazy stuff done together?
Is it just being there when needed?
Is it just a title?
Is it mutual?
Is it just the occasional 'hi' and 'bye'?

Do we only know a friend in times of distress?
Do friends expect a certain behaviour of you?
Are we expected to have an expectation on them?
Do friends interests have to match ours?
If friends don't meet after a long while do they become less of a friend?

I thought of this a long time back, when i saw a close friend of mine whom i had not seen or spoken to for a long time. to my greeting i recieved a hostile reply... and i was quite disappointed...

But then i reflected on it, as much as you treat one as your friend, the friend should treat you as one too. However as much as it is fair to be reciprocrated of a friendship, i also believe that we should do to others what we want others to do unto us.

Having said all of that. I love my friends for all they are. the nice ones, and the not so nice ones. I just love them.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away!!!!

Ok... At first it was ok... Then it became excessive... NOW its plain RIDICULOUS!!!!!

Wat am i talking about... the rain of course!

11 days into 2006 and the whole of Singapore has only seen an accumulated 5 - 6 hours of sun!!! beyond that... its been rain rain and more bloody rain!!!

Make it stop!!! I dun wann carry a umbrella everywhere everytime!!!

Moral of the day: Every dark cloud has a silver lining!

Friday, January 06, 2006

New Job!!

I got meself a new Job!!!
I got meself a new Job!!!
I got meself a new Job!!!
La La La La La La La La
I got meself a new Job!!!

Ok by now u get the idea right! Anyways the job aint that fantasticand all but its something! beats sitting at home dying of boredom!

What u may ask is the job about? Well Shell Petroleum Staff!!! I gotta do some office job and stuff and im the asst cashier la.. but its all good! Thanks Sekar! (He's the main cashier and he got me the job!!) For all the rest who are tirelessly looking for a job for me!! carry on ppl!! Your efforts will not go to waste!! Muahahaha!! I shall prob work here for 2 months max... depending on situation..

Thats all folks!

I miss my friends whom i haven't met for long time!! (Azizah, Jes) Ok Jes i met today... Had a blast as usual!! - Dun tell anyone wat happened OK!!!! - hehehe...

I miss my girlfriend!! :(

I'm full of mixed emotions!!!

My blog is alive again!!!


Moral of the day: Life is like a roller coaster! Enjoy the ride!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Brand New Year!!

Well after a long drought in my blog, i guess i shall do something about it...

Well there's been so much happening in my life... positive stuff... that i just don't know where to start..

Well for one, I'm an Undergrad!!! yup... for a long 3 years now since i finished the A's i've been wondering what my future is gonna hold. Its not as though i failed my A's.. just that i got 2 E's... (Elephants as they are more affectionately called) And having those i failed to get into any local universities for 3 yrs running... and retaking the A's was outta the question for 2 of those years due to NS contraints! But things changed @ towards the end of 2005... I redid my A's... It was a 7 months struggle!! but i ploughed through nonetheless.. then the Nice government decided to recognise SIM as the fourth unversity in Sg.. So i decided to take a shot @ it... Even though one of the pre-requisites was 2 years of working experience... Sometimes to achieve success... risks have to be taken... i'm glad i took that risk... Coz i got in! Well I'm glad i did... Even though i may not stay on... I know that this is the start of my future proper! (hopefull y i do well in my A's too!)

Then next... I'm going back to SJI... My sec school!! Yes im not delusional... i know i said im an undergrad... Im going back as an NCC Officer... again yes... NCC... the CCA in school! well i know i may abit old to be in the NCC, but its just about guiding these young minds of singapore to become strong, independant and creative people in the future, who care for not only themselves but for others as well... And i suppose its the least i could do for the institution and the organisation that made me who i am with all my principles and values intact... Well I guess its all the instinct of wanting to lead... wanting to motivate.. and wanting to innovate!

I have found My betta half as you guys would have guessed from my previous blog! Well she is in one word 'wow'! My previous relationship thought me the value of love! It taught me what it is to lose someone i loved... it taught me love! But that relationship did not end sour! in fact it ended on such a good note... that it left me scarred... emotionally crushed! But i picked up the pieces of my confidence and the rest of me, thinking that whatever that happened must have happened for the best... And i can say that i now love again.. i have learnt to trust my heart and my mind together.. The shadow of the girl of my dreams is coming .. or has come to light.. i have seen her.. and i am truly blessed... An independant, compassionate, gorgeous woman she is and much more! - "Thank you for entering my Life again! Thank you for being you! and Thank you for Loving me as i am!" - She has a wonderful family and a group of amazing friends, at least all of whom i've met thus far! To My family and friends that have met her She thinks you guys are great! Thanks guys! ( for accepting her without judgements!)

There is so much more to tell but i shall stop here for now. ( i'm hoping to have a new look soon!)

Moral of the day: Start the day with a smile, End it with a smile! Nothing else matters anymore!